When Has Collaboration With Other Authors Led to Breakthroughs in Writing?


    When Has Collaboration With Other Authors Led to Breakthroughs in Writing?

    Delving into the collective wisdom of eight accomplished writers and educators, we explore the transformative power of collaboration in the writing process. From the practical feedback of a writers' group to unveiling new depths in storytelling, our contributors, including authors and content writers, share personal experiences where teamwork led to significant breakthroughs.

    • Feedback from a Writers' Group
    • Episodic Platform Insights Aid Novel
    • Movies Inspire Leadership Writing Collaboration
    • Collaborative Brainstorming Simplifies Medical Concepts
    • Peer Critiques Enhance Manuscript
    • Graphic Novel Collaboration Offers New Techniques
    • Interdisciplinary Collaboration Spurs Creative Language
    • Collaboration Unveils Storytelling Depths

    Feedback from a Writers' Group

    When I get together with my writers' group, they give me honest feedback that helps me with my books. They point out when I may have left out a detail or say something that a child of that age might question. I write for beginning readers, but my customers are their parents and grandparents, so having other adults contribute their ideas gives me my customers' perspective.

    Lisa Bell
    Lisa BellAuthor, Lisa M Bell

    Episodic Platform Insights Aid Novel

    When I started writing my work in progress, I connected with several writers who were creating their novels on a serialized, episodic platform. I was intrigued and started exploring the platform as a reader. When I got the idea to write my next book to be released, I reached out to them for tips and tricks, and they were more than happy to provide direction. Now, those same authors, from their experience taking those 'episodes' into novel format, are helping me get mine ready to go to print!

    Amy Vogel
    Amy VogelAuthor, Speaker, Story Coach

    Movies Inspire Leadership Writing Collaboration

    The direction of my writing changed because of a collaboration I had with other authors. I had regularly written about leadership lessons from the movies, but I didn't go all-in on it. When a fellow author asked me to collaborate with him and others in writing about movies and leadership, I saw the wisdom and inspiration behind using the two together. From then on, I've created content based around movies and the lessons they can teach. It's gone as far as me having written two books based on the idea, with multiple other books in the works. It's changed my whole process!

    Joseph Lalonde
    Joseph LalondeLeadership Coach and Author, Reel Leadership

    Collaborative Brainstorming Simplifies Medical Concepts

    Collaborating with other authors has been invaluable. One standout experience was when we tackled a healthcare project. Struggling to simplify complex medical concepts, I sought input from colleagues. Together, we brainstormed and crafted a compelling script that effectively conveyed the message. Their insights pushed me to think creatively, resulting in a successful animated video. This reinforced the importance of collaboration and diverse perspectives in achieving our goals.

    Damar W
    Damar WContent Writer, Explainerd

    Peer Critiques Enhance Manuscript

    When I was writing my book, 'From Burnout to Best Life,' I asked friends and fellow authors to critique my manuscript before I passed it off to the editor. I received amazing feedback on the content as well as the flow of the book. Based on the feedback, I made significant revisions to the manuscript. These insights provided perspectives that I would never have considered and added so much value to the content.

    Lisa Hammett
    Lisa HammettCertified Positive Intelligence PQ Coach, Transformational Speaker, Author, Lisa Hammett Success Coaching

    Graphic Novel Collaboration Offers New Techniques

    Collaboration can be a great way to learn in the creative industry. Though I haven't worked with other authors on my books, I have on a number of graphic novel projects, where I contributed to the creative arts side of the project. It can be very enlightening to see how other writers approach a scene or describe a visual, as well as familiarize yourself with shortcuts or scripting shorthand that other writers have developed. Talking shop about your experiences with collaborators is a great way to keep informed on issues and techniques that you may not have encountered.

    Mike Gagnon
    Mike GagnonAuthor and Illustrator, Mike Gagnon

    Interdisciplinary Collaboration Spurs Creative Language

    Some of my greatest collaborative experiences have been with individuals who don't necessarily identify as writers, but as artists, researchers, or other makers. I love creative writing workshops and steeping in the thoughts of fellow writers, but there is something so valuable in widening the spectrum of our thinking with other disciplines and arts.

    I had the pleasure of collaborating with photographer Julia C. Martin on a collage poetry project steeped in our surrounding landscapes. One of my favorite aspects of working with her was creating new language. As a writer and artist, our disciplines do share certain practices and terminologies, but there isn't a default to understanding each other the same way two authors or two photographers might. We had to define our ideas in new ways and new words, which was an entirely different facet of collaboration that I hadn't experienced and created new avenues for discovery. This interdisciplinary collaboration is now something I seek frequently to empower my creative work and mindset.

    Winslow Schmelling
    Winslow SchmellingWriter and Educator

    Collaboration Unveils Storytelling Depths

    In my writing journey, collaboration has been a revelation. However, until 2017, I hadn't experienced it. When I partnered with Peter Zaccagnino on the 'Relevant' series and Vakasha Brenman on 'The Book of the Magical Mythical Unicorn,' everything changed. Vakasha's insistence on collaboration not only improved our book but also forged a lasting friendship and taught me invaluable lessons in writing. Through collaboration, I discovered new depths in storytelling and cultivated a more harmonious creative process.

    Alfonso Colasuonno
    Alfonso ColasuonnoCo-Founder, Real Unicorn Apparel